Car Amplifiers

Amplifier FAQs & Articles

What Does a Car Amplifier Do?

Amplifiers work to enhance sound by increasing the power output to speakers, which improves the sound quality and volume. Learn more

What Car Amp Do I Need?

If you are looking to improve your car’s sound system, getting a new car amplifier is the best way to do it. An amplifier’s job is to improve the speaker’s ability to produce quality and volume in any music or sound it puts out. Learn more

How Many Watts Does My Car Amp Need to Produce?

Car manufacturers typically don’t install the highest quality audio components in order to save on costs. Raising the volume too high can distort the sound quality, and this distortion is typically caused by the amplifier’s inability to push enough power to the speakers. Learn more

Car Amplifier Problems and Repair

Your car amplifier is a key component to your vehicle’s audio system performance. If problems or issues arise, you want to know the cause and the way to repair it, or at least where you can get it repaired. Learn more