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What are the Best Car Speakers?

In this article, we are going to cover the different families of full-range speakers that Rockford Fosgate manufactures and examine some of the unique elements that go into them to help you select the best car speaker for your vehicle. Learn more

How does a car speaker work?

As a whole, a speaker is an air piston that is continually moving forward and backward in positive and negative cycles. Learn more

Why is my car speaker clipping?

Clipping in a speaker — car or otherwise — is a term for the distortion of the signal at the source unit, the pre-amp (equalizer), or amplifier. Learn more

Why do my car speakers sound distorted?

Everyone wants their car audio quality to be the best it can be. If you’ve noticed that your sound can easily become distorted — especially when the volume gets loud — you may have a few bones to pick with your speakers. There’s hope yet. You simply need to check a few items and make sure you’re using the right equipment. Learn more

What does a blown car speaker sound like?

A blown speaker is another way of saying that a speaker is broken in some way because it is damaged. There are two types of failures that can result in a blown car speaker: mechanical and thermal. Learn more