Car Subwoofers

Subwoofer FAQs & Articles

What Does a Car Subwoofer Do?

Subwoofers produce low frequency sounds. Your regular car speakers do not produce these low-frequency sounds well, because they have small cones. The larger cone of a car subwoofer produces these bass sounds effectively and efficiently, giving a car audio system the low-end it needs to sound great. Learn more

What is the Best Position for a Subwoofer in a Car?

Knowing how and where to place subwoofers is arguably the second most important decision after deciding which sub you’ll buy to get the bass sound you seek. This article provides wisdom on the proper car subwoofer placement, pointing and direction. Learn more

What Does a Subwoofer Enclosure do?

A subwoofer enclosure is a box that contains a sub speaker. There are different types of car sub boxes, but they all serve the same function. A sub box builds up the air pressure that the subwoofer emits, which arrives at our ears as increased bass. This article helps you select the proper subwoofer enclosure type for the audio performance you seek. Learn more

Are 2 subs better than 1?

Two (or potentially more) smaller subs can provide similar bass performance as a single driver but with more flexibility regarding the location and installation in the vehicle.  Whether to select one larger subwoofer or two smaller ones is a matter of preference. See if one sub or two is right for your car, truck, or SUV. Learn more

What Determines the Best Car Subwoofers? A Comparison

The criteria for determining the best car subwoofer is ultimately based on its ability to cleanly reproduce bass frequencies. While listener preference plays a role, there are scientific factors that determine how well a subwoofer performs, including cone material, spider construction, and more. Find the best sounding sub that matches your budget. Learn more