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Are Two Subs Better than One?

There are many things to take into consideration when you’re setting up a car audio system. Subwoofers, in particular, can be tricky because of the variety of options when it comes to setups. But a particularly common question is whether it is better to get one sub or multiple subs for a car stereo. Are 2 car subs better than 1? Let’s answer this question.

One Big Sub vs. Two Smaller Subs

One of the most common options for low-frequency bass reproduction is one large subwoofer or two smaller subwoofer speakers strategically placed within the car. But which of these options provides the best quality sound? It depends on a few factors, and of course, your ears.

If you are looking for more output in your bass – that earth-rumbling dynamic sound and low-frequency extension we all appreciate – a large sub provide these results. Something along the lines of a 12-inch or 15-inch driver will reproduce the low frequencies needed to accurately provide this type of output. Generally, the larger the diameter of subwoofer, the lower in frequency it can play.

Two (or potentially more) smaller subs can provide similar bass performance as a single driver but with more flexibility regarding the location and installation in the vehicle. The smoothness comes from the bass coupling effect of the soundwaves. The waves radiating from each subwoofer join each other and therefore produce the same type of bass you would get from one large subwoofer.

Benefits of Having 2 Subwoofers

Because subwoofers work by displacing air, having more than one will do so more efficiently. This displacement of air produces the bass impact and “hard-hitting” performance that many listeners want.

The sound given off by multiple subs will provide a more effortless sound than a single large subwoofer. The more subs in an area, the more output they create, offering more output (impact) for bass guitars, drums, and drum machines.

Your vehicle may not have room to house a large subwoofer and the enclosure needed for it to perform properly. In cars, the trunk opening may not be large enough to accommodate large enclosures. However, almost all vehicles have space to fit a couple of smaller subs. Measure behind your truck seat, your trunk, or hatchback to determine how much air-space you have for subwoofers. Our Woofer BoxWizard will help you determine how big a subwoofer enclosure you can build for the space available in your car, truck or SUV.

It’s up to Your Ears

Ultimately, as the vehicle owner, your ears are the ones that must be pleased by the sound your car audio system produces. So, turn up the music and decide if you like the smoother sound of 2 or more car subwoofers or the boom of a single, larger speaker.

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